Our enthusiastic staff members help our clients with various activities and help aid in the physical, emotional, educational, and mental growth of each of our incredible clients.

Daibreak is a weekly day program for autistic adults around Kern County

We are a healthy learning environment for dozens of Autistic Adults around Kern County, and we don't take that lightly! We are dedicated to their well-being and success from the time we pick them up from their homes in our vans, to when they are doing their activities, eating lunch, and all the way until we drop them back off at home. Here at Daibreak, you can guarantee all of our clients are well taken care of, loved, and continue to grow with the goals presented to them.

More about our facility

We have a large community room where we gather as a group multiple times a day. There's power in community!

Gathering Places

We love being outside where clients can run freely, ride bikes, look at all the farm animals, and partake in group games.

Large outdoor space

Our facility is separated into 6 different classrooms to help our staff give clients the personalized attention and time they need.

Small classrooms

About our facility