Our non-profit organization began as a group of parents, family, friends, and educators of children with autism, as they met to address the needs of their children, looking to the future as they grew into adulthood.

From that nucleus of pioneers in 1982, land was purchased near the rural community of Arvin. As pioneers of autism in Kern County, the Kern County Autism Center was established in the spring of 1990 with the opening of Park Home, a group home serving six adults with autism. Since that time an adult day program has been added to the campus, currently providing educational and life skills for approximately 38 special needs adults with autism and similar behavioral challenges from Kern County. This day program, "DAIBREAK" is Dedicated to Assisting Individuals, Building Responsibility, Esteem, Awareness and Knowledge of the often forgotten members of our society as they age. We have plans to futher develop our campus to improve our service to the adult autistic community.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela


Board Members

Carolyn Leary | President

Mark Perttula | Vice President

Linda Shepard | Secretary

Dr. James Young | Treasurer

Karen Andresen | Member

Cynthia BlankenshiP | Member

Cathy Crane | Member

Dr. Sandra Gong | Member

Myrt Park | Member